How to Search

Searching White Pages – just follow these steps:

  • Start your search
  • Enter a name
  • Choose a town or city
  • Select a directory to search

Start your search

To start your search, move to the “Search” box.

Enter a Name

To begin your search, type a name into the name field. Searches on partial words are only supported in searches on the Business and Government listings.

Choose a town or city

Choose a town or city form the drop down list provided (optional)

Select a Directory

Choose a directory to search. The options are Residential, Business and Government. The Business directory is the default.

Click Search

Press the Search button to display a list of matching directory entries.



Refining your Search

You can further refine your search results by typing the surname and the first name of the person or entering the full name of the business or Government body and selecting a town or city from the drop down list provided. You may also change the directory you are searching.


Frequently Asked Questions

How up to date are the Online White Pages?
The White Pages database is updated daily.

My listing details are wrong. How can I get it fixed?
You may email us at:

or write to us at:

PNG Directories Limited
PO Box 2311, Boroko,
National Capital District

Can I type in a phone number and find out the corresponding listing?
No. This service is not available.

Can I find email addresses, web site addresses, fax numbers, mobile phone numbers within the White Pages listings?
This information may be obtained from individual listings that display the “More Info” icon.

If you have any further questions, please visit the Contact Us section