About us

Business Overview

PNG Directories Limited (formerly known as Edward H. OBrien PNG Limited) is a joint venture company that commenced operations on 2nd July, 1990 between Telikom PNG Limited and Edward H. OBrien Enterprises Pty Ltd of Sydney Australia.

The business was established for purpose of:

  • Establishing and operating an accurate and timely directory service for the sale of advertising in, marketing, compilation and printing of a telephone directory for Papua New Guinea adequate to the needs of Government, commerce and citizens;
  • Maximizing the net worth of the directory services business and the related information services business;
  • Realizing a structured programme of training, education, and development of PNG Nationals within the business;
  • Undertaking additional ventures in areas and countries which can be supported by primary business;
  • Maintaining the database for subscribers of the company.

Business’ Vision

PNG Directories Limited is Papua New Guinea’s leading publisher for Classified Directory Advertising products. Our business’ vision is…

“To offer the most comprehensive source of information in both print and electronic media, that will meet the needs of commerce, education and the general communication needs of consumers.”


Overseas Directories

PNG Directories Limited can also obtain copies of telephone directories from around the world, through Telikom PNG Limited to meet customer needs for directory information that are available in other worldwide print directories.

Advertising in Overseas Directories

PNG Directories Limited have cross selling agreements with Australia and Singapore to sell advertising into these directories. Our representatives are able to solicit advertising into the PNG Directory.

Other Products

Publisher Of the Solomon Islands Telephone Directory.

Advertising enquiries for this Directory should be directed to PNG Directories Limited